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So You Have A Big Day Coming Up

How long have you been dreaming of your wedding. Like so many others, I am sure it’s been a long time. Now you have met Mr. or Mrs. right and decided you want a lifetime of commitment together. This new and exciting chapter in your life needs to be handled with warmth and dignity. This important day is the one day that both you and your family will always want to remember. Planning your wedding can be a very stressful time. I can help take a little of that stress off your shoulders. If this is your first marriage, or second marriage or if you just want to renew your vows from that special wedding in the past, I can help you design the customized ceremony that will fit your needs.  I have many wedding vows or ring ceremonies that you may choose from or maybe you would like to write your own vows. I can perform certain specialty ceremonies also. Examples---Rose ceremony, Sand ceremony, Unity candles, Wine ceremony.  No wedding ceremony is too big or small. It’s your day, make it special. 

Remember, just as two very different threads woven in the opposite direction can form a
beautiful tapestry, the joining together of your two lives will form that beautiful marriage. 



Edward R. Kusser
Justice of the Peace
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