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Requirements for a Massachusetts Marriage License

The legal age to marry in Massachusetts is 18 years of age. You may obtain a Massachusetts marriage license at any city or town clerk's office. Proper identification is required such as a drivers license, passport. You may be required to show a birth certificate. Know your Social Security number. You do not have to be a resident of Massachusetts.

Both the bride and groom must appear at the city or town hall when applying for the marriage license. If one party is in the Military or is incarcerated in a House of Correction or State facility, the marriage intentions may be filed by either party.

There is a 3-day waiting period for the marriage license. Sundays and Holidays are included in the waiting period. The day you apply for your license is not included in the waiting period. Ex. Apply on Friday your license will be available on Monday.

Fees for the license are set by the city or town in which you apply. They range from $5-$50.00.  No medical certificate is required for any license issued after January 28, 2005.

No blood test is required.  If you are between 16 and 18 years of age, parental consent is required.

The License is good for 60 days after issue.  Cousins are allowed to marry in Massachusetts, common law marriage is not recognized in Massachusetts

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